Vancouver – inactive

To GNABC Vancouver Chapter Members,

GNABC’s Vancouver Chapter has now merged with the Richmond Chapter to become the “Richmond/Vancouver Chapter.” 

The decision to merge the Vancouver chapter into the Richmond chapter was finalized at the GNABC Board teleconference meeting on Dec. 7th, 2015.

On behalf of GNABC Board, I wish to acknowledge and thank the Vancouver Chapter three Executive members (Barb Barham, Chapter President; Meg Coyle, Chapter Treasurer and Barb Palmer, Chapter Member-at-Large) for all their work and dedication towards the Vancouver Chapter over the past number of years that they have served on this chapter’s Executive. 

GNABC does realize that there are a number of members in the various chapters who may not be able/available to attend their chapter meetings, however, that they still wish to be a member of GNABC. hdmi extenders We value their continued membership and the support they provide in various other ways!  As an association, we just have to ensure we structure ourselves so that we can be effective, and we hope the merge will help toward achieving this while keeping our treasured members.

I also wish to thank Richmond Chapter President, Felicia Wong, for her enthusiastic response in favour of the merge.  She informed me that she plans to (along with her executive) to try to have some of the merged chapter meetings/education sessions to be held in Vancouver (potentially alternate between Vancouver and Richmond venues if feasible) and is already actively looking for a Vancouver venue.

Vancouver Chapter members please email our provincial GNABC Membership Registrar (Liz Ilczaszyn) at  by Feb. 8th, 2016 to select which chapter you wish to belong to for the remainder of this GNABC membership year (which ends on Mar. 31/16):

    •Indicate whether you wish to belong to the newly merged “Richmond/Vancouver Chapter” or to another GNABC Chapter (and state which one).

    •Note:  If our Membership Registrar, does not receive an email from you by Feb. 8th, 2016, she will transfer your membership for the remainder of this GNABC membership year to the newly merged “Richmond/Vancouver Chapter.”

    •When you renew your membership (and we hope you do) for the next GNABC membership year commencing April 1st, 2016, you can select whichever GNABC Chapter you wish to belong to on the membership application/renewal form.


Kim Martin

GNABC President