President’s Message July 2017



I want to thank everyone who continues to volunteer their time as provincial executive and chapter executive members. It is not easy to spend your energies at work and then commit your own time for continued advocacy and support of the seniors in our care and in our communities.  I want to specially thank Kim Martin, for her coaching and mentoring, Liz Ilczaszyn for her continued support and all of her work to upgrade our provincial bylaws, and Joyce Taekema who “keeps me on track” as our amazing secretary. The wonderful thing about this organization is the support you receive from your fellow members and the great team approach.  We have a fantastic executive and I want to welcome any new members who have joined us in this coming year.


We had an informative conference in Prince George this spring, which motivated many new members for that community. Our conference in 2017 will be held in Nanaimo, on beautiful Vancouver Island. The conference planning team is already hard at work organizing the topic, venue and sponsorship. Conferences are a great way to share information about our organization and excite new members to join our ranks. We have had struggles over the last few years to grow our membership, as many provincial executives have had difficulties encouraging others to ‘take the reins”. We have had one chapter, Mountainview, fold this year due to lack of members , even with the wonderful educational opportunities they presented. I encourage experienced members and new members to continue to tell  your colleagues regarding this organization and the gerontological educational topics that we provide that will enhance their professional development and improve best practice and care of seniors.


I remain for the next year the president of this provincial chapter as well as sitting as one of the board of directors for the CGNA. I continue to mirror the provincial priorities with the CGNA priorities, especially regarding recruitment and retention. I am hoping to be able to brainstorm with the chapter presidents on how to support their chapters going forward. I am looking forward to my next year and to provide coaching and mentoring to our president elect Lillian MacTaggart, who will step into this role after our 2017 AGM. I am excited to work with you for another year and again thank you for all that you do. I greatly appreciate it.




Catrin Brodie RN, MN,  GNC (C)